Sewage Backup Is Not A DIY Project

Sewage backup in your home can result from a variety of causes.  From a breakdown in your plumbing or sewer system, a clogged drain, water coming in through your basement floor after heavy rain, or as a result of tree roots blocking your pipes. Toxic sewage overflow or backup water can not only damage the structure of your home, it also contains bacteria, viruses and germs that can cause disease and illness for you and your family.


A sewage backup can often occur within a very short timespan. Your basement and other lower levels of your property can suddenly become overwhelmed with fetid water, bio-waste, bacteria and other dangerous and unpleasant elements of sewage. It is crucial to get the backup water cleaned up immediately and professionally to prevent further damage to your property and serious health risk for your family and pets.


While you may be tempted to clean up sewage backup yourself, this is definitely not a DIY project. The health dangers involved in dealing with sewage water are significant because it contains many biohazards that can present potentially deadly health risks.


Sewage overflow cleanup requires professional expertise and experience.

Professional residential sewage backup cleaning services provide specialized equipment and trained technicians with the expertise and experience required to clean, disinfect and dry your home after sewage water overflow, thoroughly and safely.


Sewage cleanup professionals will undertake specialized procedures to restore your home to the level of cleanliness and safety you enjoyed prior to the sewage water damage.


Removing water and sewage. Trained sewage backup technicians will operate commercial-grade vacuums and specially designed sewage water removal pumps to safely remove sewage backup water from your home.


Removing contaminated property. The professional cleaning crew will assess and safely remove any items, such as furnishings and carpet, that are contaminated beyond repair or pose too great a health hazard to leave in the home.


Drying your home. Once contaminated with sewage water, your home requires specialized cleaning procedures as well as professional-grade air movers to dry out affected areas and ventilate toxic fumes and airborne particles.


Sanitizing. Only thorough cleaning and sanitizing will prevent the spread of bacteria and microbes contained in sewage water. Professional cleaning treatment of the area is also necessary to prevent mould growth, which in turn can cause further health problems and property damage if not addressed in a timely and effective manner. Using appropriate cleaning agents and professional techniques, the technicians will clean and dry all crevices, ducts and other areas that would be difficult to reach on your own, leaving your home fully sanitized and safe to occupy.


The experience of a sewage backup in your home is unpleasant and unhealthy. If your home has been overtaken by sewer or drain backup water, contact the experts at ServiceMaster Restore right away. We are available 24/7 every day of the year to restore your home to a clean and safe condition, and to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.


Our qualified sewage cleanup technicians employ the safest, most effective techniques for restoring your property safely and professionally.